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vB4 Downloads Shop

Posted on 5 September 2013 09:45 CEST (5360 reads)

The Downloads Shop is now available for vBulletin 4. This is the shop I use on this site to sell digital goods. Purchases can be made using PayPal and any currency you like, but also using a lot of points system mods that already exist for vBulletin. For example: uCash, Points Market, vBookie... If you have any questions about the shop, feel free to ask in the forums.

You can find the product and more of it's features here: vB4 Downloads Shop


Clan Wars - Map Images

Posted on 30 July 2013 16:32 CEST (5635 reads)

A small update for the Clan Wars product for vBulletin 4 has been released. It is now possible to manage the maps of a game. You can add images to these maps which will then be shown in the match overview. There's also an option that when you're adding maps to a war, only the maps that were added for that game can be used.

Also, the use of UAC has been integrated.

The update is available here: Clan Wars Update


vB4 Navbar Update

Posted on 17 June 2012 10:39 CEST (5658 reads)

vBulletin has recently been updated to version 4.2 and a new feature has been added, the Navigation Mananger. If you are using either the Clan Members or Clan Wars product, an update is required for these products to work with the Navigation Manager. You can get the updates or purchase the products here:

Page 1 of 1 (3 total stories) [ 1 ]