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PHPNuke Modules

Wars 3.1 & Clan Members 3.2

Posted on 9 September 2013 16:45 CEST (7204 reads)

An update for the Wars and Clan Members modules has been released. The biggest new feature is that the games and teams you use in both modules can now be shared. That way you don't have to add them in both modules anymore. Besides that there are some smaller new features. In the Wars module, you can now add a score per map. In the Clan Members module, the members can add their XBOX Gamertag and their PSN:ID. Also, the user's image can be an image that is uploaded, the forum's avatar or the XBOX avatar.
Some users also expierenced some issues when using RavenNuke 2.5+, this is now fixed.

The modules are available here:

PHPNuke Modules

DLShop IPN Update

Posted on 23 July 2013 10:51 CEST (4128 reads)

PayPal will be doing an update which will affect the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) script used in the DLShop module. In order to keep receiving the payment notifications, you'll have to update the DLShop before the 7th of October.

The update is available here: DLShop Update

PHPNuke Modules

Clan Members 3.11

Posted on 7 June 2011 13:56 CEST (6270 reads)

There's a new update for the clan members module available.
You can get it here.

Here's a list with the changes:

  • List can now be ordered by Activity
  • Added language files
  • Removed clan_members_order and clan_members_profile table, values are now saved in the clan_members_config table
  • Members are saved using their user id instead of username, this way changing your username has no effect on the module
  • Last war and wars played can also be showed in the profile
  • Added option to hide contact info from guests and replace @ and . by [AT] and [DOT] for guests

PHPNuke Modules

Wars Module 3.0

Posted on 10 September 2010 03:17 CEST (6332 reads)
It's been a while since I've released something new, but I've been working hard on an update for the wars module and it's finally ready. My main goal for this update was to make everything much easier to use and faster and with the use of javascript and ajax, I think I succeeded in that. Besides that there are a few new features as well, for example, the submission of wars.
For a list with the changes, click on read more
You can get the module here

PHPNuke Modules

Clan Members 3.0

Posted on 27 February 2010 12:36 CET (6601 reads)
It's been a while since my last release, but the past few months I've been working on an update for the Clan Members module. It's finally ready and has a lot of new features. Click on read more to see what's new

You can get this module here

PHPNuke Modules

Clan Members 2.01

Posted on 7 November 2009 08:05 CET (5310 reads)
There is a small update for the clan members module, here are the changes:
  • When you display your members in blocks, you can choose how many there are on each row
  • You don't have to be superadmin anymore to be able to admin this module, you can give permission to other admins who are not superadmin
  • In the config there is a new drag and drop script, the previous didn't work correctly in IE7.0+
You can get it here: Click

PHPNuke Modules

DLShop 1.2

Posted on 9 August 2009 14:51 CEST (6090 reads)
I've already been working on this update a long time and now it is finally ready. The ones who already bought this module can simply download the update in the shop. You can get this module: here Click on Read More to see the list with changes

PHPNuke Modules

Clan Members 2.0

Posted on 22 May 2009 09:56 CEST (6863 reads)
This is a major update, there are a lot of new features for this module.
Here's the list:
  • New listing style: instead of a list with the members, the members can now be shown in blocks as well
  • The order of the member's info (Name, Real Name, Age ...) can be altered
  • The members list doesn't pop open anymore, it slides now :)
  • The maximum width and height of the user image can be set
  • The maximum filesize of the user image can be set
  • When you click on a user's image, it will show up in a popup on full size
  • Members can be allowed to change their own info
  • Games can be ordered, so they aren't ordered alfabeticly anymore
  • The game name can be shown next to the game image
  • The list titles (Name, Real Name, Age ...) can be aligned to the left, center or right
  • When you edit a game, you can edit the members of that game as well
  • Replaced Gameless members with 'Assign Members', with this you can assign members to the games you have very easily
  • The padding around the game image can be set (the distance between the image and the border)
  • Real Name and Location can be edited in the clan members module instead of in Your Account
  • Added country flags which can be shown in the clan members list of course
  • Improved install/update script

If you allready bought this module, you can simply download the update in the shop.

You can get it: here

PHPNuke Modules

GT Servers

Posted on 18 April 2009 12:24 CEST (5332 reads)
With this module you can add your servers and display them as a GameTracker banner.

More info and screens: Here

PHPNuke Modules


Posted on 9 January 2009 21:50 CET (4082 reads)
With this module you can organise tournaments, these tournaments will be using a knock out system (poules system will be added in the future aswell).

  • Organise knock out tournaments
  • Game icons
  • Users can create teams
  • Captains of the teams can sign up for tournaments
  • Based on the amount of sign ups, the bracket will be created
  • There is a winners bracket and a losers bracket
  • The date of the match can be scheduled
  • The match result can be filled in by the teams themselfs
  • Once one team filled in the result, the other team has to accept that result or can fill in another result
  • News can be posted per tournament
  • Comments can be posted to these newsposts
  • Rules can be added, devided in different sections
  • Each team has it own page, with the team's info, members, matches they played and their awards they've achieved.
  • The 3 first to end in a tournament will receive an award

For more info, go to the shop.

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