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e107 Clan Wars

This is a plugin for keeping track of the wars that you've played or are about to play.


  • Game icons
  • Date + time of match
  • Add your own teams, and then select the team that has played
  • Opponent name, country and link
  • Type of match (Friendly, Official, Clanbase...)
  • The match result
  • Unlimited maps can be added
  • Gametype can be different per map
  • A score per map can be added
  • An image can be uploaded for every map
  • Post comments to wars, users can edit & delete their own comments
  • A line up to know who can play and who can't and afterwards a list of the members who played the match
  • You can choose who can line up by pointing to a database table, default is site members
  • When linked with the clan members plugin, you can choose whether clan members, team members or game members can line up.
  • Upload unlimited screenshots of the match
  • Users can be given special permission so they can submit wars, these will have to be approved by an admin, they can also be given the permission to edit wars
  • A lot of javascript was used to make this a fast and user-friendly plugin


   Wars List

Author Untergang Filesize 353.08 kB
Added on 19 Jul 2011 Last updated 22 Jul 2012
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