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e107 Clan Members

With this plugin you can show your clan's members.
They can be divided over the games your clan playes.


  • Two listing styles: List or Blocks (view screens)
  • When you click on the game/team image, the list slides open or closes
  • You can choose which info about the members you want to show
  • The order of the members' info (Gender, Age, Country...) can be altered in the config
  • There is a member's profile with all the member's info, a hardware profile, a gallery and the member's awards
  • You can choose the maximum amount of images in each member's gallery
  • Members can be allowed to change their info and upload their image
  • You can choose to use games or teams
  • The games, teams, awards and ranks can be ordered like you wish
  • You can add ranks and rank images
  • You can awards and give them to members
  • Users can have a different rank for every game/team
  • Most things like the member's profile can be enabled or disabled in the config
  • ...



Author Untergang Filesize 1.53 MB
Added on 1 Jul 2011 Last updated 23 May 2016
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