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MD Multi Evo Xtreme 2

This is a Multi Gaming Theme
A multi gaming header (3 headers, a little bit different),
with a vista style menu.
In the center bottom is a gaming image.
There are 7 different images, which rotate.
The theme comes with matching Forums.

The menu and header can be modified for you on request (Free once)

- Header PSD
- Theme PSD
- Micra Font
- Custom Your Account images
- Links fade script


Author Untergang Filesize 7.86 MB
Added on 31 Jan 2010 Last updated 21 Jun 2015
Score 10.0 (1 Votes) Comments 1

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Writer Review
Score: 10
these on is olso work perfect with evo 2.9d nice very nice good work
Posted on 21 Aug 2011 11:42

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