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With this module you can sell Digital Goods using PayPal or the Site Points system on your nuke website.


  • Scripts, Themes... can be bought using paypal, with site points or just be free.
  • After paying you'll be redirected to the site where you can then download the file you just payed for.
  • Every Pushase and Download will be recorded.
  • You can create unlimited categories and subcategories
  • A description and image can be added to the categories
  • You can upload unlimited files and screenshots to every item
  • The shop can work with unlimited paypal accounts
  • The currency can be different for each item (EUR, GBP, USD)
  • Items can be deactivated, so it isn't visible in the shop anymore, but it's still in the database
  • Files and Screenshots are being uploaded to your host by using an upload form.
  • All uploaded files will be recorded, when you click on Clean Files in the DLShop Admin, it will check if the files are still being used, if not, they will be deleted from the database and your server
  • In the admin there is a page, Purchases, where you can view all payments you have received, you can also add and delete payments there
  • Lightbox effect for the Screenshot
  • Tumbnail creation to decrease page loadtimes

Take a look at the screenshots to find out more about this module, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in the forums.

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Author Untergang Filesize 558.48 kB
Added on 4 Jul 2008 Last updated 4 Jun 2015
Score 9.4 (5 Votes) Comments 5

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Writer Review
Score: 10
Very good module! I like it +++++++++++++++++++++
Posted on 31 Jul 2013 05:25
Score: 10
Hi, this is the best DownloadShop for Nuke World !!!!
many thanks, it works wth Nuke Evo 2.0.7 and Nuke Evo 2.1.0RC3.

Posted on 7 Jul 2009 17:30
Score: 7
I would like to see in this module that users can take several items at the same time. Is that possible?
Posted on 6 Jun 2009 06:59
Score: 10
OMG best shop module i have tryed well worth the money and in my eyes too cheap lol well done with this one and i will tell every one about it
Posted on 21 May 2009 10:08
Score: 10
Spot on Shop for Software etc, like the added sytem to allow Others to place items..

Another great Module from Untergang
Posted on 7 Jul 2008 07:51

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