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Challenge Us

With this module, you can let visitors challenge your clan.
It uses security codes, so you won't get spam.
It also send a mail to the adminmail, when someone applies.
This can be enabled or disabled.

NOTE: This module only works with PHPNuke, RavenNuke and NukeEvo

   Challenge Us

Author Untergang Filesize 71.94 kB
Added on 26 Apr 2008 Last updated 21 Feb 2011
Score 9.5 (2 Votes) Comments 2

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Writer Review
Score: 9
Hey works good but just got one small problem, it does not give me (admin) an email when someone actually Challenges us
Posted on 12 Jun 2011 01:19
Score: 10
Keep Up The Great Work!
Posted on 27 Sep 2008 05:31

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